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Minor Maintenance and Repairs

If your computer is having problems but can connect to the Internet, our remote “Support Anywhere” service is the perfect solution. In most cases you don’t need to do anything other than call us to initiate the service. No need to wait 1 or 2 days for response (typical for computer repair companies). Most minor problems can be resolved with our “Support Anywhere” service within an hour.

Phone (941) 882-1420 now to tell us what problem you are experiencing. The solution may be closer than you think. If it can be fixed in 30 minutes or less we charge you only the 30 minute minimum.

What if Your Computer is Plain Not Working?

If your computer does not turn on, or is having serious issues, don’t panic. Occasionally, a complex technical issue may arise that requires an on-site call. When it does, we’ll take care of it. One of our team members will visit you, analyze the issue, and if necessary, pick up the malfunctioning computer, repair it, and properly reinstall it in a timely manner. We understand that you rely on your computer for business and that it is critical to have it working at maximum efficiency.

Call us now at (941) 882-1420 if your computer is not working. You don’t have to know any technical jargon, simply explain the problem you are having to one of our team members. We are here to help!

CompLogic provides comprehensive support for all minor and major computer issues. From our convenient “Support Anywhere” service to on-site repairs, your systems will be up and running quickly.
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